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this is for all the writers, the creators, to everyone.

{20 November 2018}

write your words

whoever taught us that the pen is a sword also taught us that writers are WARRIORS who use words as weapons each letter composed of jagged lines that can hurt, cut, and kill

I beg to differ.

writers are ARTISTS who connect dots to make lines that form letters then words that bring color to black and white

writers are MUSICIANS who turn pain into notes that lull themselves to sleep

writers are MASTERS of FICTION even when they speak the truth naïve of short comings a believer of happy endings a chance of their own utopia

writers write to be GOOD at something, for someone, for anyone, for themselves concretizing ideas, moments, people, their existence living proof that things matter

writers are EARS that beg to listen to the world’s rhapsodies to their own voices to the silence we’ve all been hiding in

writers are VOICES that speak what they mean for an audience that hears but doesn’t even try to understand

writers are TRAVELLERS that plan their escape from a world that speaks too much and seldom listens and never reads in between the lines

writers are LOVERS who crave to taste love, to share love, to be love tender hearts that plead to give, that bleed to succeed

whoever taught us that actions speak louder than words never learned how to listen there are words that don’t have to speak to be heard

this is for the writers, the creators, to everyone,

this is for the writers, the creators, to everyone, write and we will listen.

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