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I loved you in this life, in the life before us, and in the life after us.

{June 2017}

Old Soul

I'm writing with a new pen about old feelings. I'm writing to tell you how much I've changed. How much I'm still the same.

I have feelings from the 90s, songs from the 80s, a haircut from the 70s, and a soul from the 60s I have a fear; however, that goes way back

Drowning & Loving (to think of it, is kind of the same thing)

From a past-life, I died drowning.

It was a sunny day. I was wearing a gingham one-piece swimsuit. I have never been so happy to be embraced by such... positivity and warmth.

So many things engulfing me. Cold, in the very beginning, But easy to get used to.

The continuous pounding on my chest, the kisses that stung My hands started to wrinkle My body started to numb My head ached and my heart...

My heart was nowhere to be found.

In a flash of a moment, The sky turned ashy.

I was suddenly so small, so vulnerable, so weak.

All I could do was hold on to the feeling, to let the waves take me with them.

Then suddenly, everything slowed down.

My sight was murky. Pieces of me were disintegrating falling exploding

So much senseless promises So little selfless acts.

As my heart beat for the last time, All I could think of was you And how even at my very last breath You managed To take my breath away.

Countless lives later, I know I'd die feeling the same way over and over again. I know that every time, you'll be the one cutting the string.

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