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once for the sad boy of the night {February 2017}

Ode to the Night

Moon, does it ever get cold out there? Shine some light On the sad boy of the night

The boy with a smile by day The boy who told me it would be okay

Tell the wind to kiss him goodnight Swift, Soft, and Just Right

Lips imprisoned by words he can't say Lips I'd kiss if things would go my way

I think the Sandman missed us, two Sleepless, confused, is this love true?

A cotton pillow soft in his face An inanimate object taking my place

Secrets spilled, thanks to you Showing parts I never knew

His silhouette in darkness, I trace Way more beautiful than any lace

He fills my thoughts, I don't know why It never changes; believe me, I try

In a vivid dream I can't remember He looks at me with eyes of amber

Piercing me in pieces. Is this goodbye? Please, don't. Don't make me cry

His hand on me; my tears so tender Locked me in place, "I'll make you better"

In that moment, my heart was whole He found me, my dry and lost soul

Everything I hear sounds louder My heart's plea a little clearer

Yes, we were each other's attracting poles Made to ignite our hearts of coal

In my dreams or in my reality, he is my lover In any other life, I'd choose no other.

Moon, does it ever get cold out there? Tell the sad boy of the night, he created ember A fire bright and warm enough To burn this sad girl's sadness off.

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