“á la belle étoile” (Under the stars, in the open air)
“á la belle étoile”

(Under the stars, in the open air)
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back when i was in love (March 26, 2017).

oh, and it's kind of a long piece.

“á la belle étoile” (Under the stars, in the open air)

I love you like the sky I write you this to tell you why:

I love you in every season Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall I fall, fall, fall . . .

Fall - for you Everyday The sunny, the cloudy, the rainy Whatever the weather Whether good, neutral, bad

Only you You blow me away You are the eye of the storm that is me The calm

I love you every time of the day From the first peep of crepuscular rays Tip-toeing warmth and light, A familiar feeling, Into my morning

Little by little, Then suddenly A spark The tiny trace of a feeling: “Scintilla”

My sun, Glowing from far away Too hard a reach, but Not an impossibility

They say that Love is still beautiful even from afar

Did the angels sing? Did their glorioles glow? When Icarus reached the sun Call me ambitious, but I’d do the same Riding nimbus clouds Wanting you to engild me in your alpenglow

My sun, Fall with me The death of a star; The birth of a wish

Don’t let me live in the misty clouds Why would I choose their silver linings When I could apricate in your goldness forever

The light from the sun Is still part of the sun Still, I thank you

You love me every time of the night Why do you only love me at night? When I’m dreaming the dreams of you and me

My crates and scars Invisible to most, but You keep me company From below

You look at the stars Telling me how beautiful You think they are Unaware that up here They’re thinking of The same thing Looking at you

I hear your wishes Why are they so high? Why are they so vague?

Still, I shine my moonbeams Straight to you To fill your heart With love and light Even just for one night

I have so little to give To such a pulchritudinous being A celestial wonder! Your beauty always Leaves me breathless

We love each other ‘til the last So, here we are at last Under the stars, in the open air, Where our ending Is like our beginning: Where we're left with no words to say

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