Punctuated Us
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prettilayko Neither a heroine nor a villain..
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A story revolving around punctuations.

Punctuated Us

By: prettilay®

I asked for comma,

A temporary pause...

Hoping to calm my troubled heart and mind.

I sighed when you answered with a period.

A sign that everything is finished.

That the ending has finally come.

I said, "Think about it. Save inside the parentheses the words which are still meaningful." Hoping that you'll be awakened.

But your heart's been eaten by the exclamation point. Anger is the only thing left.

While my mind is filled with question marks...waiting for whispered answers.

A long hyphen came in between.. Followed by ellipses...

I was suddenly silent. I thought, something will follow-- But there was none.

I extended my arms and embraced you softly.. Knowing that you'd soon be gone.

And then you left.. I gave you a semi-colon for the freedom you asked for.

You went on-- Alone without me.

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