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prettilayko Neither a heroine nor a villain..
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I won't be who I am today if not for what you have made me...

Dear Past

By: prettilay®

Dear past,

As I looked back down memory lane

I see shadows of lingering pain

Lurking in the pith of my brain

Wanting to surface and hurt me again

But I am not afraid

My wounds have long been healed

I may be scarred

But I am not a coward.

Thank you past for b r e a k i n g me apart

For I won't be this strong if not for all the wrongs

Thank you for all the pains

I won't be this sturdy if not for all the chains

At present, I am stronger, bolder, and wiser

It's all because of you past

You made me who I am today

You made me a better version of myself with all the tribulations

And the fun-filled memories gave me hope to go on

All these I owe you past

I will be forever grateful.

Yours truly, Me, Myself, & I

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