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A beautiful exotic mirror It was framed


A beautiful exotic mirror

It was framed

It was kinky

It had to come out of the closet

The incident had to be written out on a paper

But I had to go easy

I have to give a chance

The feeling came out as a criminal Everybody wanted to be a judge,a policeman,a supervisor

But I got wiser

The lady with the balances went blind

Judgements, whispers, scrolls everywhere

However the torch had to lit up

The lady in white raised her torch

The darkness had to be set in the west

It was too late to start

The media were shouting

It's the waves, I created

They rubbed the waste on my face

I had to wear the waste for eons

They were too afraid to accept

My spine had chills

Had to wear the cloak of fire and lion

Had to aim better

Learned to harness harder

Pulled the reins together

The art had to be appreciated

Raised my hand up.

GoodBye Haters, Had a great time

Enjoy your time in black and white

Cause my time has come to shine

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