the rope around my neck
the rope around my neck sad stories

prctxr can’t write poems, but I try
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it’s tight

the rope around my neck

Everyday the rope gets tighter

I feel my breath being taken away

There's nothing I can do to stop it

It's what I've always wanted

I scream for help but the rope doesn't allow it

I try to run but it holds me close

The knife to cut me free is firmly in my back

You never expect the ones closest to you to betray you the most

Especially right from the start

I may have been born whole

But I was raised in two different parts

There's one that feels, hope, ambition, love

And the dominant one who feels pain, sorrow and has a violent taste for blood

My glass is half empty

The shards feel good in my hand

The trickling drips of red fills my face to give it some colour

Everyday the rope gets tighter

But it stops me from falling even further in the gutter

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