the demon inside
the demon inside amateur stories
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prctxr can’t write poems, but I try
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It’s hard to fight your demons

the demon inside

When I cannot move and cannot scream

The demon in my head breaks free

It terrorises me like a cat with a mouse

As it gets closer with every lifeless breath

I scream but my voice seizes to exist

I cry but my tears dry up

I run but my legs have no feeling

I close my eyes but they are pinned open wide

the demon climbs my wall and dangles from my ceiling

It talks to me in a deep, menacing tone

It laughs at me and calls me names

Tells me I'm worthless, makes me feel pain

I shake and scream but to no avail

I shake and scream but to no gain

The torment lasts a short while but feels an eternity

As the echoing voice fades away so do my fears, my numbness, my seizures

I wake up in a pool of sweat and yet I am frozen to the bone

As the demon inside of me has found his way home

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