the direction is a lost plot
the direction is a lost plot art stories

prateekmidojosh Community member
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from my debut book, "Anatomy of a Self-Indulgent Moongazer."

the direction is a lost plot

A mind left to its vices is fragile and fickle, mingling at the crossroads of chaos and confusion. It reflects the ideation of anarchy but a lack of spirit.

The direction is a lost plot; the signs gray -- stories of ruin plague such a mind. To find a heart is to sabotage it, and to flare up is to go berserk.

High points are numerous, and they are mostly misleading. With beliefs in a conflict, there is a deep-seated fear. In lethargy, one swims.

The breath locked in an embrace around the lungs never leaves. The reserved is damned with angst; the social curses his luck.

Former perpetually breaks only to rearrange. Latter pitches to be self-destructive.

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