Sleet in Maine, Texas - Short Story
Sleet in Maine, Texas - Short Story   sleet stories

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John Davidson lives in Maine, USA. He was watching television about snow storms.

Sleet in Maine, Texas - Short Story

John Davidson lives in Maine, USA.

He was watching television about snow storms.

Texas TV news reader said: "There will be a change on Tuesday.

The area is going to experience sleet and freezing rain .

There will snowstom in Texas!

Storm center has been tracking and there will be cold air locked at ground level.

The temperatures is going to remain below freezing point.

If we check 3,000 to 9,000 feet above ground level,

we will discover warmer air movement in the morning of Tuesday .

The snowflakes will be turned into raindrops.

The drops are going to refreeze as ice pellets or sleet.

It will be turned prior to reaching ground.

It indicates the formation of sleet.

In most parts of central Maine,

we will find a mixture of snow along with sleet.

There will be freezing rain.

Far north will experience this cold condition."

After watching the news, he replied,

"Oh my God! I have to shop online and stay indoor."

His wife, Christina sitting behind him watching the news of sleet replied,

"You are right. We have to be very careful."

Christina works as a freelance writer for 4 years.

She started writing a blog on her experience of sleet last year.

She published that blog and she got a lot of positive feedback.

She wrote a poetry on sleet. She wrote like this:

"Shivering in the Sleet

Walking across the road

Filled with snow

Across Texas!

Feeling dizzy

Praying to God for wellbeing of everyone."

As soon as she posted the poem online at Tommaful,

She got lots of likes and comments!

Her post was featured at Tommaful.


Thank you friends for likes and comment!

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