Missing You So Much!
Missing You So Much!  nature stories

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After a long time Came back to Commaful

Missing You So Much!

After a long time

Came back to Commaful

Oh my friends so beautiful!

You are adoring and charming!

Your feedback is inspiring

Let me tell you

What I saw today

I woke up in morning

I meditated for a while

Then went for morning walk

In the park

Among the grasses

Amidst the colorful flowers

Under the blue sky

Ahh ! the beautiful clouds

I took photograph

One after the other

Saw a cat and made a video!

Saw a water flowing and made another video!

Amazed by the beautiful Lord Shiva Temple

I walked along the footpath

Took video of a beautiful parrot!

Oh! So beautiful Green body with red beak!

The parrot is amazing!

It was talking

Coookkiiieee Coookkieee!

Like that!!!

Cannot describe my emotions!

Unable to share that feeling!

That unforgettable feeling of staring at Vivekananda Statue!

The pigeons are flying around the lanes!

The crows are sitting on electric wares!

Dogs at street relaxing!

Wonderful sunny morning!

Amazing feeling of observing nature!

One thoughts come after the other!

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