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Evolution of Frogs - Science Fiction  frog stories

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This is a science fiction where two frogs are talking to one another in human voice. John and Jill are the name of two frogs.

Evolution of Frogs - Science Fiction

This is a science fiction where two frogs are talking to one another in human voice.

John and Jill are the name of two frogs.

They have read newspapers and books on frog evolution.

They were talking about themselves about their evolution.

John said, "Do you know anything about true frogs origin?"

Jill replied, "Yes, they come under anuran lineage and researchers have found them in early Jurassic period!"

John asked, "Can you name one of them?"

Jill said, "An example of such species is Prosalirus bitis."

John asked, "On which year it was found?"

Jill replied, "It was found in 1995 around Kayenta Formation."

John asked, "Where is this kayenta formation?"

Jill replied, "It is in Arizona, USA."

John inquired, "What does radio carbon dating of sample tell us?"

Jill replied, "It is around Early Jurassic epoch which is 199.6 to 175 million years ago!"

John asked, "What are the physical feature of Prosalirus?"

Jill replied, "It is quite recent in comparison to Triadobatrachus.

Prosalirus does not have big legs.

It had three-pronged pelvic structure like our modern frogs."

There is hardly any tail and it can jump easily."

John asked, " Can you name another Early Jurassic frog?"

Jill replied, "It is Vieraella herbsti, and the special feature could be found from dorsal and ventral impressions.

There was fossil of one animal.

It is roughly 33 mm or 1.3 inches from its snout to vent."

John asked, "Do you have any idea of middle jurassic frog?"

Jill replied, "It is Notobatrachus degiustoi and the dating reveals it is middle Jurassic period.

John informed, "It is around 155-170 million years old."

Jill asked, "What are the primary evolutionary modification?"

John replied, "The body has shortened and there is no tail."

John asked, "Is there any evolutionary study?"

Jill replied, "The scientists tell us that the changes in chromosome numbers had occurred around 20 times quicker in mammals in comparison to frogs."

John asked, "Do you have any information of research in 2020 on Frog?"

Jill replied, "A finding on 2020 revealed 40 million year old fossil of helmeted frog."

John said, "Who discovered them?"

Jill replied, "It has been made by vertebrate paleontologists located in Seymour Island near Antarctic Peninsula."

John asked, "What is the special feature of those frogs?"

Jill replied, "The frogs had similarity with the present ones in South American Nothofagus forest."

John asked, "Is there any new research in Texas?"

Jill replied, "In 2008, the scientists have found Gerobatrachus hottoni, which is a temnospondyl having features of frog- and salamander."

John asked, "Where is it found and how old is it?"

Jill replied, "It was found in Texas and it is about 290 million years old. "

John asked, "Is it the missing link?"

Jill replied, "It has been stem batrachian which is near common ancestor of salamanders and frogs. "

John asked, "What is the general hypothesis?"

Jill replied, "The hypothesis is that frogs and salamanders have been related to one other."

Thank you for reading the science fiction on frogs.

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