Awesome Story on Cattle Research
Awesome Story on Cattle Research  cattle stories

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Mr. Harold Robinson lived in Anatolia. He was an archeologist.

Awesome Story on Cattle Research

Mr. Harold Robinson lived in Anatolia.

He was an archeologist.

He had found from dating that domestication of cattle took place approximately 10,500 years ago.

The research revealed 80 progenitors were domesticated in central part of Anatolia.

The team of archeologist found the cattle domestication took place in Levant and Western Iran.

He checked the records of research of Food and Agriculture Organization!

He found the earth had 1.5 billion cattle.

He discovered the research is based on 2018 data!

He had an assistant Larica Robinson who is the wife.

She conducted research on cattle also.

She had carried out genome mapping of livestock animals!

She had conducted research on 24 April 2009.

The work has been published in a scientific journal named Science News.

National Institutes of Health along with US Department of Agriculture had conducted research.

The genome of bovine have been mapped Successfully!

"Scientists discovered cattle had 22,000 genes!" - Larica said.

Harold replied, " This is really interesting and 80% of genes are similar with human beings!"

Larica said, " This is great and they had 1000 genes with rodents and dogs."

Mr. Robinson said, "Through bovine "HapMap", the researchers could examine differences between breeds influencing standard of milk yields and meat."

Larica replied, "That is really amazing! I will work on this project and publish further research papers!"

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