The Purge #3
The Purge #3 the purge stories

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By Pragati Ojha

The Purge #3

I prepped our dinner for the night while keeping a close watch at Agnes from a distance. After breaking down a little in the afternoon, I decided that I would hide somewhere for the next day. Anticipation was killing me. I was living with someone who could finish me off anytime. Agnes entered the kitchen and seated herself on one of the stools.

“All the blood gone from the garage?” I asked. “Yeah. I ensured that everything is hidden.” Agnes replied coldly. Her expression was pinched. Shoulder hunching forward, eyebrow knitted together as her dark hair covered her face. The usually smooth tresses were now looking wild. I recall being jealous of her hair.

People could never get their eyes off of them. Not only that, her dark skin complimented her strong facial features. She boasted a proud nose, strong jawline and full lips. “Dinner ready?” Agnes asked pulling me out of my reverie. “Oh, yeah!” I enthusiastically answered. Serving some pasta to Agnes, I sat down on another chair opposite hers.

Watching her dig in, I slowly picked my fork and started eating. “Agnes? We need to take the bodies out early tomorrow,” I began. Without looking up, Agnes asked, “I know. What time?” “Around 6 am. People will be asleep. No one will notice a thing. They will think that the Purge already started.” Agnes laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I stared at her. She did not look up from her plate. “Who would have thought that you, Kelsey Arums, would have jump started the Purge?” She taunted me. My initial reaction was anger and loathing but I remembered that it was not Agnes anymore.

“Technically, we committed a crime. The court would not see our side. The Purge is never stopping anyway. If I take advantage of a situation that will exist forever, pardon me.” My words shocked me. I always hoped that this practice would cease to exist. But now, the reality glared at me. In front of me, I saw my best friend change from a sweet-temperamental girl to a cold, murderous killer.

“I see your point. So, you still don’t like the Purge, do you?” She put down her fork. “I never will. But it is not in my control.” I said honestly. “You have changed.” Agnes remarked. “I don’t know what to say.” I sighed deeply. Following a moment of silence, I said: “How are we going to get the bodies outside?”

Agnes looked at me. Her eyes were dull and empty. I gulped slowly when she opened her mouth. “Leave that to me. I will take care of them. I figured a way to get them outside.” “Great. All we have to do is wait now.” I said as a meaning to fill the uncomfortable silence that plagued the kitchen. Pushing her half-eaten pasta away, Agnes got up from her seat.

“What happened?” I asked, worriedly. “Nothing, just feeling a bit nauseous. Gotta sleep. Lots to do tomorrow.” Agnes walked out of the kitchen slowly. This was my chance to get find somewhere to run and hide away. Or I could look for a place inside the house. In her craze, I hardly predict that Agnes would look for me in the house.

Rushing to Mr. Walker’s bedroom, I began looking for weapon and supplies I might need tomorrow. In this 5-bedroom house, Mr. Walker chose one which did not have any windows. Just a ventilation system and cooling equipped with a king-sized bed and comfortable bedding.

But that didn’t matter to me. It appeared as the safest room but not a secure one. Hurriedly, I began to rummage through the room. * Hunting the house for 2 hours, I found a bag, some toiletries and food. No weapons or anything. It was as if the man wasn’t scared of people going insane on the day of the Purge. Like he wanted someone to kill him.

I felt tired as hell. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling sleepy even though the Purge was hours away. Rushing to Mr. Walker’s bedroom and bending over the sink, I tried to wash off my sleep. It had been a long day, but I couldn’t afford to sleep. The bathroom door creaked softly, I stilled for a bit.

I left the water running, trying to give the impression that I was busy with my routine. Was it Agnes? How could she possibly be awake? I knew she was going to be out for a long while. Maybe it was the Purge. I started looking for something to attack the person creeping behind me. In front of me was a toothbrush, I figured What the Hell?

Attack in the eyes, I will be good to go. Slowly, inching my hands towards the toothbrush, I felt that person walk closer to me. When I knew they were in attacking distance, I attacked the creeper. To my shock, it wasn’t Agnes. The man that came to visit Mr. Walker pushed me back. I looked at him in shock.

Agnes said he was dead. I was her attacking him with a screwdriver. Right on his shoulder. He had bled far too much to be alive. “Easy, kid.” He placated me. Out of my mind, I lunged at him again. This time attacking higher, but he swiftly dodged my attack and got hold of my neck. He twisted me around and clamped my mouth shut.

I struggled to get away from him. Pushing my arms behind, and trying to kick his leg. But he overpowered me easily. I felt him reaching at the sink. I tried screaming but my voice was muffled. He pulled me inside of a room as I felt something stick inside my neck. The last thing I saw was passing out in a cold room where the man settled me down. **********************************


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