Forged In Starlight
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A "Heart on Sleeve" Short

Forged In Starlight

He stormed through the doors, frustrated with how the night was going, but more at himself for the lack of nuanced charm he had hoped for to impress this one last time.

She followed, equally impassioned and confused.

She asked again, "What am I to you? What is this?"

Moments of downplayed banter with palpable tension that had dragged on for weeks were being brought up by their own frustrations.

He dredged through his thoughts, trying to come up with something witty or world breaking. Just something. But silence followed quickly behind his empty stare.

Time slowed down as she began to turn - a single moment stretched out into hours like the endless nightmare he had cropped up in his own mind in which he loses her forever.

"You're daylight," he whispered. "Like an unavoidable warmth and brightness that breaks over an inked valley. Though, this valley is already dimly lit by an ethereal light - a smile...

Forged in starlight. A distant light that's a precursor to that warmth that follows daybreak. A reminder to me that like stars, your smile is a light in the dark, but..."

He stops and does not dare to look up at her to look at her face but fears to see her gone. He chooses to remain ignorant as he remains focused on the sidewalk until hands slowly envelope his.

He lets out a slow sigh. The cold grabs it and masks his face for a moment. Both giving him the confidence he needs.

"But...who you are. Your kindness, your gentleness, is what washes over and brings me to a new day.

And that although there are many stars at night, yours is the one that brings me such warmth - life. Much like our own sun, which is a star, too, I guess."

He chuckles trying to break some tension within himself. Her hands slide up to his chin and she lifts his head.

A long stare hand in hand with an equally long silence is broken by distant sirens bouncing of building walls.

"That's all?" she quipped. A conjoined laugh skipped down the sidewalk.

"That's all I got," he replied shrugging. Silence returned along with the stare.

He returned to examining the sidewalk, breaking under her gaze. She reached for his face again and whispered,

"That's all I need."

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