The Crimson days.
The Crimson days. poetry stories

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Poem by Pouzterr

The Crimson days.

Out for my walk, I notice the sky, crimson violet,

An urge to plunge into sweetness, maybe chocolate.

The pavements piled with the Fall's dried leaves,

Winds get dusky; there are rain scars on cloud sleeves.

Few more steps and out-pours all the banished droplet.

I brisk to that bakery, a hideout from unwelcome'd climate.

Memories from yesteryears rush through, when I'm at this shop;

Resonating with sounds of rain, pouring on the metal roof top.

Out of habit, I reach out for those reminiscent peppermint,

Just one, and I drift back to the time of my boyish love stint.

When I waited for ever, for that Rose scented perfume to cross me,

And then I walk behind, popping mints, smiling; living so carefree.

The times, just like these crimson violet, fit now for your dreams;

And facing those droplets was more pleasure, unlike now - the screams.

Gone are those days, times; when we played like a child, just for fun.

Now they are just glimpses, reminding me always, what more I should've done!

-- Pouzterr

Thank You... "And if you liked this, I'm sure you would like other poems by me. Search for 'Pouzterr' to read my other poems. "

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