The Kermit Chronicles Act 4: Under Murky Waters
The Kermit Chronicles Act 4: Under Murky  Waters kermit stories

pouncingfoxmoon Rain💧can’t put out every Fire 🔥
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Will our hero’s make it out alive?
Obviously yes lol🤣

The Kermit Chronicles Act 4: Under Murky Waters

Robins eyes opened, he saw all the dark water, he panicked. But stoped when he realized that he and his friends were not wet.

Except uncle Kermit.... he was wet with tears

" ahhhh.... they got me chocolate man got me!"

Robin felt kinda guilty but mostly sad that he lost his M&M's

"At least I still have 48 packs” he thought

He was underwater, but the thing in Jace's bookbag seemed to have shielded them from The water. Robin walked to the edge he touched the shield, it shocked him,

he grasped his hand and whispered "'s nanotech"

Kembo woke up and started to shake her brother lennard.

He woke up everyone else started to wake up inside of the plane except the pilot, Kermit wiped the chocolate off of his face and went into the cockpit.

What he saw was soooooo weird....

A man in Ronald McDonald makeup was holding a rifle... Kermit lunged at this potentially dangerous pilot, he grasped the gun barrel and tried to jerk it from his hands.

The pilot flipped him over onto the controls.

A shock went through Kermit's body with a painful jolt. He screeched and jumped on the pilot's face, "you aren't even a pilot are you!?"

"I'm not!" The pilot exclaimed " but I'm a good hunter!" He swung the gun into Kermit's lungs. His light body flew through the planes window and through the nanotech shield and into the water.

Jace walked into the cockpit and YEETED his backpack at the pilot the pilot fell under a stream of muddy water, knocked out cold.

Jace(not knowing Kermit was gone) told the nanotechnology to bring everyone to the surface. The GPS told him that he was 200 yards off the coast of grand isle Louisiana.

Sariye walked up to robin and patted him on the back.

"Nice job with the M&M's" she chucked as if she had no problems at all.

Robin decided he did not like this person.

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