The Kermit Chronicles Act 2: not the M&M’s
The Kermit Chronicles Act 2: not the M&M’s kermit stories

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Kermit must now embark on the greatest and hardest mission of his life.

The Kermit Chronicles Act 2: not the M&M’s

Thanks uncle Kermit, can't wait to go to space I haven't been to space in sooo long wow!"

Kermit knew just to ignore his nephew's random thoughts that he threw into the air all the time.

He sighed, "ok, robin there are going to be other kids on this trip...and as you know"

"Yeah yeah.. people don't like it when I talk to much" robin continued.

Kermit reviewed to his talkative nephew how to behave in space and not to bring M&Ms on a mission ever again

Kermit shivered at the thought of what had happened, "not the chocolate" he whispered under his breath while almost having a mental breakdown.

"Never again, oh please never again" he remembered being covered in melted chocolate and thinking it was his brain.

"You ok uncle kermit?" Robin asked now also traumatized

"Yeah, yeah sure.." he responded shakily. While whispering "chocolate man is not real he can't hurt you"

Robin made an awkward noise like the cloned dodo bird from 2032.

They arrived at the airport and they were almost ran over by a car full of teenagers.

"Such inconsiderate kids" Kermit said and sighed.

When they entered the airport their mouths gaped open as they realized that the teens in the car were the kids they had to bring to space.

"Uncle Kermit," robin tugged at his uncle's arm " why them?!"

Kermit and Robin did not have time to study these new characters (lol rip 4th wall) Lol they are probably reading the script 😂

The things this man has seen 😂😂😂🥳lol

Crawling in my skin.... THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL....

As they were almost late for their flight as they ran up the ramp they noticed a man holding McDonald's fries.

"Wonder why he would smuggle that on a flight" robin wondered.

After everyone sat down on the plane the plane took off, Kermit thought he saw Grover with binoculars but he probably was wrong.

He put on his headset and was ready to listen to the undertale soundtrack again but was surprised to hear Grover saying "byeeeee! Snapple Apple!"

The man who had the French fries stared at him.

"He's weird" Jace whispered as the plane entered a cloud. The turbulence was odd to say the least. It was like the pilot had no idea what he was doing, but of course he did, right?

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