The Kermit Chronicles Act 1: A Cringe-like life
The Kermit Chronicles Act 1: A Cringe-like life kermit stories

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It’s here ,act 1 has been released!-town crier of a random town
Yup it’s here! Read it now!

The Kermit Chronicles Act 1: A Cringe-like life

Kermit was enjoying a peaceful day at the office. This is a time where Kermit often enjoys a nice cup of iced tea,

as he waited for the tea to be ready, he heard the door to his boss Grover's office open.

He tensed, this usually meant he had to go on a mission.

Kermit only joined the MISSILE(muppet investigation space sector inter-galactic legal endeavor) for the free Lipton tea, he did not enjoy missions very much at all.

Grover's doorknob turned slowly...

Kermit sneezed. Wow

"Hiiii kermit!!!" Grover said sooo loudly as he jumped out of the door

Kermit sighed, as Grover handed him a fat packet of paper full of instructions.

Grover looked up "look kermit you have to go to space, we have our most wanted right where i want em"

kermit gaped " but Grover! I..i can't do this!"

Grover put his hand on Kermit's shoulder " The kids will help you, they..."


Grover looked him in the eye and simply said "trust me these kids are stronger than any agent, their tech is more advanced than NASA anddd APPLE combined."

Kermit knew he had to just trust Grover on this one

Grover walked away " byeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee Snapple apple''

Ernie walked up and said " does he have to say that every time?"

As he walked to his car he heard his IPhone 47 ring, it was robin

His nephew.

"Hey uncle kermit mom called boss Grover and he said i could come on a mission with YOU! !!!!!!!"

"Yay" Kermit said with as much excitement as he could muster.

Now he had to pick up 4 kids at an airport and his nephew. This was going to be a long day....

Pssttt... kid come over here... I’ve got Acts 2&3 posted all you gotta do is get in my commaful van🤫🤫😳😀🦊🥥🥳

Hi! If you enjoyed this hit the like button and comment on suggestions of what you want to happen next! I might just add it to the next chapter and give you credit for your idea!

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