The characters... ....for The Kermit Chronicles
The characters...

....for The Kermit Chronicles 

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The characters for the Kermit Chronicles have been revealed!!

The characters... ....for The Kermit Chronicles

Lennard With Two N’s To Be Cool

Lennard aka Lenny is a classic kind not that bratty rich kid. He wears over the top clothes and really likes caviar. He is also introverted. He’s kinda simple at times and is often called boring. But His ideas are often complicated.


Jace is also rich, accept instead of spending money on mansions and horses, his parents bought nano-tech. He has a blue nano-tech cloud that follows him around. He loves to show off his money but on the inside he’s just an orphan who was adopted by a rich family.


Kembo is often happy and silent but she HATES it when people make fun of her or others. Lennard often thinks that she depends on him,( they are brother and sister) but actually she is really independent. She is often seen wearing a sweater.


Sariye is the oldest of the kids chosen to go to space. She always wanted to see a galaxy and would do anything to get a picture of one she is a lower class student and her trip was paid for fully by MISSLE. She is extroverted but does not like stressful things though.

And Kermit Of course 😐😑🤫

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