Roanoke: the real story....part 1
Roanoke: the real story....part 1 wow stories

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I live at Roanoke
Our leader is gone
Some are sick, others are dead

Roanoke: the real story....part 1

Day 345: it's been so long since our leader has come back.

Only 28 of us are left now, my brother Arthur is starving now, but or new leader James Holstein is trying create good relations with the natives. I sure hope everything works out.

Or else we will all surely perish.

Day 348: i know I haven't written an entry in about umm... how long has it been...

about three days but the leader of the croatoan natives decided that he wished to learn our language and James Holstein decided that my journal would be a more than perfect learning tool.

That old chap! I hope he didn't read the other entries about my poems and all would be quite awkward.

Day 351?

: I woke up today from what seemed like i was knocked out to find myself surrounded by these natives that did not actually appear to be fully Native American it would seem that they are

the product of Spanish peoples and thenative American tribe from farther south.

That was not the strange part though, they were wearing somewhat light green headdresses shaped like that of a pyramid. they also spoke the language of England.

I turned my head to find my fellow companions surrounding me with a relieved look on their faces.

The croatoan natives (including the chief) we're feeding everybody and Arthur seemed to be doing great.

Day 352?: it would seem that the men and women in the green hats are not to be trusted, when i was on the verge of sleep last night i heard them speak in Latin.

I used to know how to speak in Latin and it seemed that they were talking about the future of their society. But the name was not as clear as i would have liked it...ileum?...illuminum?...

but it seemed all kinds of shady to me. Now I worry about the future of my fellow colonists.

Don’t judge if it’s bad.. Its for a project at school Bla bla bla

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