Lemu sono emyū: sono senshi no Stalin: flash forward 1 :forest
Lemu sono emyū: sono senshi no Stalin: flash forward 1 :forest italy stories

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Read this beautiful thingy or flipping ’ Jojo Siwa will hide under your bed and grab your ankles (yes I’m serious)

Lemu sono emyū: sono senshi no Stalin: flash forward 1 :forest

Info-Chan looked sad as she realized something that lemu seemed to have realized too

Lemu looked down "we're going to have to kill all the emus"

Santa gasped "but Lemu! You're an emu too!

Lemu shifted his wings uncomfortably as he realized that if Stalin died then the emus would be safe.

Info-chan grimaced "we could simply kill Stalin the second"

Amber the fox sat on his masters shoulders

Amber squealed and jumped onto tsuki’s back

As she did so, she leaned on him and cried

Kanako the panda and Mamoru The tiger ate a carrot

A blue dragon ate an onion and then turned around and said "you look so sad that I have to make you happy"

Kanako gave a sad laugh and looked at the crying little kitten

There is no way to change this

Kanako looked down at the kitty and thought "this is going to change. Everyone is going to be able to experience the apocalypse"

Lemu thought about the various ways he could hit an emu with a cane. Lenny helped kanako build a sword and The tiger threw an apple at Lenny's head.

At that very moment, the emu flew out of the forest and flew towards Lenny's head, trying to bite him.

Lenny tried to fight off the large male emu attacking him but every time he

moved he would be hit by the creatures wings.

Kanako hit the large emu with her sword and killed it for him.

The birds were flightless ones luckily.

They went back to the ruins to find info-chan and lemu talking about their plan to stop Stalin and his emu minions from creating a new world of communism.

"Info-chan we would have to break the beckons to let the Emu-Kind free from Stalin and Shukaku-sama" lemu said everyone

Lenny interjected "there is a nearby beacon underneath the town of Jakotet" lemu waddled over to the map "yes Lenny we will go there soon"

For some reason you guys love this kinda stuff lol 😋 hope you guys liked this one too! Baii ma friendly foxers Lol

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