Kurisu~chan and kai~chan... The animanga sequel
Kurisu~chan and kai~chan...
The animanga sequel 
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A sequel to the og

Kurisu~chan and kai~chan... The animanga sequel

Kai's part 2

Kai walked out of the room mumbling to himself "jsnsnejhrhsnhehhdinhdjynjbydgjjbdihnidhnhndnih.."

Knuckles follows Kai and he stated again "he knows da way."

Kai becomes really scary and knuckles jumps with much spook screaming "HE NO KNOWS DA WAY"

Kai throws knuckles out of the room.

Kai can't control himself anymore

knuckles is in screaming in pain Kai shuts the door "Christian will deal with him"

Knuckles rams into the room with his sword "you do not know de wae!"

Knuckles tried to get up but he started to bleed everywhere

Knuckles sighed in pain and everything became blurred for him

Christian's part 3

Knuckles flew through the door into Christian's document

"Knuckles!? What! What happened!!?"

Knuckles said "he does not know da wae... run master..."

Christian cried in sorrow as he watched knuckles die in his arms

Christian pulled out his sapphire sword

Christian put knuckles inside his secret room hidden among the whiteness of the room

He grabbed knuckles' emerald sword and went to face kai

Or more accurately the darkness that took kai

Tears strolled down Christian's face

"Everything was going to be fine!" He thought with anger

"We were going to be a team"

"Like in the prophecy , a team of green blue and red!"

He charged out of the room and into the dark outside of the doc

He couldn't see kai

Christian laughed slightly

He pulled up the code to his virtual world and added spikes everyone

He heard dark kai squeak in muffled pain.

He grasped both swords in his hands and felt the power of two flow through him

kai's face Opened from the darkness "help me christian"

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