Kurisu-chan and kai-chan ...the animanga (MUST READ!!)
Kurisu-chan and kai-chan ...the animanga

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pouncingfoxmoon DON’T drincc conk! Bepis IS superior!!!
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A new thing I wanted to show y’all, me and slime rick (kai) made it

Kurisu-chan and kai-chan ...the animanga (MUST READ!!)

40 likes = part 2 Just so y’all know 😛🥳

Big shoutout to slime_rick he made anything that says “kai’s part”

Like this plz Follow slime_rick And ask for a part two I dare you...

Christian's part

Christian walked up to a button on a white screen he pressed share,

A redhead with glasses approached he looked at the document in confusion.

Christians sidekick approached him

Kai asked "what's happening"

Sidekick said "are u da queen?

kai said nervously, "noo"

Christians sidekick followed kai

"Do you know da wae?"

Kai's part 1

Kai: "the way to what?'

Christian's part 2

"He doesn't know da wae master!"

Knuckles pulled out his sword and tried to stab kai

Christian ran to this new kid about 2 years younger than him

About when knuckles was about to destroy kai

Kai pulled out a sword made of rubies

Knuckles dropped his sword and exclaimed "he knows da wae!"

Kai was surprised at this Ugandan’s sudden change of heart Christian stopped in his footsteps when he saw kai Knuckles turned to his master

He knows da wae! He haz da sword! A gem sword!!” Christian patted his pet’s head and kneeled down

He does know the way, does he not?” Knuckles stared up a christian then kai

Kai stared at his gem sword “You both have one too” kai said “uh nice!’’

Heh..”Christian looked up he kai patted on the back “well i guess we are one and the same”

then darkness flew through the room and went onto kai

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