SEASONS: Chapter 5 By: Hanna Mann
SEASONS: Chapter 5

By: Hanna Mann suspense stories

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Who did this to Spring? Read more to find out. And hear from Bonnie!!

SEASONS: Chapter 5 By: Hanna Mann

*Bonnie's POV*

I walk down the hallway to go to the cellar because it is Winter's birthday and we are going to have a celebration. But as I approach the door, I hear loud music. A song saying something about wet ass pussy over and over again.

Ughhhh, what the hell is wrong with these girls??! They are supposed to listen to only good music with no curse words, and definitely nothing about a wet ass pussy. How disrespectful and innapropriate!

I unlock the door to the cellar and burst through the door. I storm in, just to realize that Spring is lying on the floor and blood is gushing out of her leg. I spot a knife about ten feet away from her.

Oh no. I start to freak out! What happened? Not knowing what to do, I pull my long sleeves over my hands and grab the knife off the floor.

I turn the awful music off and run out of the cellar. I know the girls will here the door slam so I know they will run out and help Spring.

But as for me, I must not waste time. I must catch the person that did this to my sweet Spring!

I run to my kitchen and grab the home phone. Hurriedly, I dial the number to the Evidence Investigation Lab.

After making an appointment to get the knife checked for fingerprints, I hang up the phone and go to my bedroom.

I strip off my clothes and get into the shower. After scrubbing all of the germs off of my body, I sit down in the shower, for this is the best place to think. I must find the person that must have broken in while I was at work.

How did someone get in and hurt my precious Spring? And who are they? I start planning what I will do to the awful person when I find him...

To be continued.....

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