SEASONS: Chapter 1 A thrilling story about what happens to 4 teenagers that are kidnapped by a creepy old lady.
SEASONS: Chapter 1

A thrilling story about what happens to 4 teenagers that are kidnapped by a creepy old lady. murder stories

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it's boring at first, but beleive me, it get's better. chapter two will be coming! thanks to everyone who makes this possible

SEASONS: Chapter 1 A thrilling story about what happens to 4 teenagers that are kidnapped by a creepy old lady.

"Summer, get your ass in here, right now young lady!" "What do you want mom?!" Walking into the kitchen, I see her looking down, glaring at the dishes in the sink. Washing the dishes is my chore. But since our dishwasher is broken, I hate doing the dishes.

"What have I told you about doing the dishes before I get home?" "Ummmm I don't know," I said in the rudest tone possible. "Do the dishes right now young lady, or you will not be going to the party tonight." Her cold blue eyes were burning holes through my skin.

"And how do you plan on stopping me?" I questioned her.If it's even possible, her face contorted into an even angrier expression. I just smirked at her and walked back to my room. "Summer! If you leave this house you will be grounded, young lady!"

"Ok cool. Don't care," I calledback. I grabbed my purse and put on my fancy new gold high heels. I was already wearing my gold, sparkly, body-fit dress and my favorite necklace that was given to me by my father, who died in a plane crash when I was nine.

Taking one last look in the mirror, I grabbed my keys and leave the house, not listening to a word as my mother continues to yell at me.

I slam the door in her face and get into my car. I arrive at my best friend's house. Lot's of people are already there, blasting music, getting drunk, and yelling slurs.

"Hey guys! Guess who's here," I hear one of my guy friends call out as I walk towards the door. "Hell yeah! Now we can really get this party started!". Lots of people are cheering and acting

crazy as I walk through the front door. They love me. I'm the party girl. Everything gets a lot more crazy and fun with me around.

I've practically hooked up with every guy here already, except for one. His name is Chase Greene. He's the hottest guy in school, but he's not a player. He has a girlfriend. And no matter how much I flirt with him, he never acknowledges me. He is

always hanging around his stupid girlfriend, Erica. She's such a nerd. I don't understand why he even likes her. I'm the hottest girl in school. He should go out with me.

"Hey girl," I yell when I see my best friend Jessica standing by a table filled with lots of alcoholic beverages. "Hey, Summer. We've been waiting for you to arrive!"

I grab a can of beer from the bucket of ice on the table and i start gulping it. "Damn girl! Slow down."

"Oh sorry boo. I've had a bad day. My mom was yelling at me for not doing the dishes. Like how dumb is that?" "Girl, just forget about that dumb stuff and leave it at home. We're here to party. So

get your party face on!" She's smiling and I can tell she's not drunk enough yet. "Let's go do the beer bong!" Walking outside with Jessica, I find the beerbong and everyone crowds around.

"Ok, Jessica, you first." Of course I go first. They always want me to go first.

"Chug, chug, chug!" They all chant as I chug the beer. After I'm done, I can't stand up straight and I start stumbling around. My vision gets blurry and I feel my hands being pulled behind my back. It's as if everything's gone silent. But I

can feel hands on me. I feel ropes being put around my wrist. And tape on my mouth. What are they doing to me? I start kicking my legs, but I feel

two strong hands grabbing my feet and tape being tied around them. I don't know what's happening. Everything goes completely black. And I feel myself being thrown into a van. I'm helpless. I black out. To be continued......

thanks for reading. this is just chapter one. i know it wasn't super exciting, but just wait for the next chapters. it gets better. Also please leave a comment. Comments mean a lot to me and tap the like button.

Shoutout to @kasandrabak1972 for giving me the ideas of murder and seasons. great ideas!

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