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by potatounicornla

I want to go home...

But what's the definition of home?

Many say it's a place where you feel at peace

Others describe a person...

What if I have neither?

Am I homeless?

I can't be,

I have a house, a bed to sleep on...

I have food to eat

And a family that loves me.

So why do I feel like this?

I feel restless in this house

I feel uncomfortable sitting in this room

I mean don't get me wrong, this room is big, comfortable

designed in a way of my liking, I just feel stuck...

I feel stuck

Maybe I'm not destined to have a home

Maybe I'm destined to wander in this world

Or maybe the world is my home.

Not a place, not a building nor a person....

Just the wild

It's where I feel at peace, where I feel free

where I can breathe...

Where I feel

That everything is possible

That nothing can stop me

Does that count as home?

Maybe it doesn't...

But I'm fine with that

Maybe home is a state of mind

Maybe not...

What is home?

I want to go home...

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