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potatoesarefabShe wore a smile like a loaded gun
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Sleep isn't just sleep anymore... it's a cure.


by potatosarefab


One great trend in our world nowadays.

Depressed people here...

Depressed people there...

On my opinion, as one of those 'depressed' people out there

Sleep isn't just sleep anymore...

It isn't JUST a word, anymore.

Because, probably, for most of us, it gives off a different meaning and vibe.

It isn't just sleeping at night and waking up in the morning

It isn't just an act to relax ourselves from the tiredness and stress the day gave us.

It isn't just that, anymore.

It is a cure.

A medicine.

An escape...

An escape from the real world.

An escape from the words the people say about us. An escape from reality.

Because once you wake up from sleep...

You have to face the ugly reality. The reality in which people would be out there to talk about you.

And only sleep can cure everything.

Because for us, the feeling of having the same good sleep would be hard to remember again.

Sleeping is nice.

It makes you forget everything bad for a little while.

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