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potatoesarefabShe wore a smile like a loaded gun
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Okay... I'm sorry for saying bad words in here!! But i just really... REALLY want to take this thing out of my chest. If Commaful and the ambassadors would be taking this post off... I would totally understand that. But if it won't... I might as well update this... someday. This is my rant post... feel free to rant in the comments too!!!


Okay, this is basically my rant work you can NOT read if you are not interested

Okay... first off

The government is fucked up

I'm serious

People knew that those OTHER presidents out there aren't fit for their place. Why would they even vote for them?

And after that votation (is that even a word?) shit

They'd regret their decision.

Okay... so the society is a "little" fucked up now

Anddd... (jumping from a topic to another XD) some people treat people like shit. Like... I'm serious. The person did nothing wrong! (on my perspective anyways... people are hating on me)

Why don't we all just achieve world peace

And start loving each other?! Is that a hard job to do?! (Of course it is!)

Okay... so now

Oh fuck... people are like "We should never commit the same mistake again" yah sure. Some countries has been triggering World War 3. So why the fuck would you say that phrase if you would still

Still be starting world war 3?

You want the same thing to happen again? Jews being killed? Innocent blood spilled on the floor of our very own world? Fuck why? Why do you people want to see that?!

Basically... I don't even know anymore.

Fuck the society

Fuck the other stupid minds out there

Fuck everything

And this one...

Fuck the internet

Fuck the wifi

Fuck my keyboard

Let us speak with freedom and not with any restrictions

Be free

Speak out your opinions

Stop letting people judge you

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