I Lost Her
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potatoesarefabShe wore a smile like a loaded gun
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40+ slides, are you kidding me *crying intensifies*? Mehhh.... I'm just kidding! I hoped you liked it!! @bernardtwindwil asked me to make a part 2... and of course, I can't leave him hanging :).

Warning : LANGUAGE

I Lost Her

by potatoesarefab

She looks happy.

Of course she is.

She would.

Better yet, she should.

I lost him because I can't afford to lose a friend like her.

I don't regret the day I chose to let go of him.

Instead, I regret that I woke up this day.

That I woke up by regularly brushing my teeth.

And taking a bath. Picking my clothes. Brushing my hair. Eating.

How I wish I did it differently.

I shouldn't have woke up at 7.

It should have been minutes later than that.

But no.. I really woke up at 7.

"How can you do this to me?! To your own best friend?!"

Lara screamed.

Of course... who wouldn't get mad?

Seeing your boyfriend and bestfriend hugging? Kissing each other's cheek? Smiling?

"Lara... let me explain," I said.

She shook her head and faced Brent.

"YOU! Why did you do that?!" she shouted, tears streaming down her face.

"I..." he muttered, disheveling his already messy hair.

"What?! You what?!" she said, angrily wiping her tears.

"I love her..." he muttered.

Her eyes widened.



She shook her head in disbelief.

She faced me.

"YOU! DO YOU LOVE HIM?!" she said.

I can't lie to her.

..."Yes... I do," I said, averting my eyes.

She slapped me.

"How dare you!"

I had enough of this. I should tell her the truth...

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed at her.

"You don't know how much I sacrificed for you!"

"How much I sacrificed for this fucking friendship to last,"

"But you know what?!" I said, tears streaming down my face.

"IT'S FUCKING USELESS!" I screamed at her.

"You're fucking right then..." she said, her voice lowering.

"From this day on... you and I are no longer friends,"

she said, walking away.

"I do not give a shit about how much you sacrificed for this useless friendship," she sharply said, walking away.

I cried.

Right after she walked away.

Brent consulted me.

"Hey... it's alright," he sighed.

No.. it's not.

I lost her.

It's not okay...

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