I Can't Lose Her
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potatoesarefab14 and frustrated
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Another sad story XD. Sorry~~~ (( there might be a part 2 ;) )) Or maybee.... just tell me if you want a part 2. And maybe I can make one heh.

I Can't Lose Her

by potatoesarefab

She's my friend.

I cherish her... more than him.

I love him... but I love her more.

I thought everything was perfect then.

Until one day

"Heyy... Lili!" my friend, Lara, greeted me.

I smiled at her in return.

"Do you know that guy?"

"Huh? 'that' guy? C'mon Lara, there's a lot of guys here,"

I laughed.

"Okay okay okay.. lol. That guy named Brent?"

"Uh... yeah why?" I asked her, my smile fading.

"Well~... Uh... I like him," Lara smiled, that genuine smile

The smile that I would never destroy, ever.

And with that, my smile really faded.

"Y-you d-do?" I asked her. My heart breaking.

"Well~... yes," she laughed, her cheeks turning red.

I LIKE HIM TOO! I wanted to shout.

I wanted to tell her... but I can't afford to lose her.

If I get him but lose her in the process... no.

Instead of shouting, I smiled at her.

"Then go get him," I said, patting her back.

She smiled at me...

That smile...

"Aww... thank you Lili.. you're the best friend ever!"

"Thank you for giving me some... encouraging words..." she joked.

I hugged her.

I hope he makes her happy. I hope they'll be happy.

I smiled at Brent when I caught him looking at me.

I know... I know he likes me.

But I just can't afford to lose my bestfriend.

I would rather make her happy than make myself happy

Because she's the reason why I'm happy

And now... I'm gonna make her happy

Even if it breaks my heart

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