I Am Stuck

potatoesarefab14 and frustrated
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Help me... I am stuck in this world like the ground below.

I Am Stuck

by potatosarefab

I'm stuck

Stuck in a world full of lies.... where everything is wrong

Nothing is in my side anymore

New twists and turns have been made on that path I thought I had in my own control

Everything is so different... nothing is the same

My friends and family say that I have changed

But in what way? No... I cannot say

What has happened to the people cheering me on? To the people who were all letting me go on?

Now everyone is turning their back against me

Talking about me. Saying harsh and mean stuffs.

I am desperately searching a way out for this cruel world

But I found out that... I

I was only running in circles...

There was no end

I had the map of this "perfect" world

But someone had stole it

I want my life back

But the thing is... I need that map

But I can't get it back now

This is like being stuck underground

A place with no way out

I still hear their cold and sharp voices talk about me

Each of their deadly words pierced through my soul

I need someone to help me out

I need to get out of this world

This world of cruelty

Help me...

I'm stuck

In a world like the underground

With no end


I am stuck

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Trust is rare nowadays ;)

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@bernardtwindwil thank you so much! My mood has been better than before (because of my friends) so there's no need for you to worry! But thank you!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
5 months agoReply
I would surely like to hear more about what caused you to think in this way. The power you pack into each word is remarkable. You have elicited my sympathy. I have to congratulate you on your realistic attitude and realizing something is wrong. I can read signs of cognitive dissonance. You are a skilled writer. Please seek help of some kind of counseling. You are to talented to let this go on any further. Great post!!!!