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The guy at slide 33 is < 3 . Prlly a part zwei :)


by potatoesarefab


Sweat dripping.

The twigs... they're scratching my legs.

But still... I run.

Take me... Take me away.

Take me away from her!!!

I feel cold, lifeless hands around my leg.

No no no... I need to get away.

I faced Her.

Soulless, grey eyes.

A creepy smirk plastered on her pale face.

The black long hair.

No... I felt all the blood drained from my face.

"G-get away!!" I screamed, but I knew it was nothing.

No one can hear me. No one can help me.

My scream only made her smirk wider.

She tsked.

"No no no... GET AWAY FROM ME!" I shout, kicking my legs.

Her tight hold... finally... released.

I stood up, running again.

Crimson liquid dripping down my legs.

I ran. And I ran.

But I still see her behind me.

Please... save me from Her.

And once again, she had a tight grip around me.

And this time.. I couldn't fight.

I couldn't fight her.

I couldn't fight... my one and only love.

I was the reason why... she's like this.

The reason why... she died.

I closed my eyes as she dragged me to her pit of darkness.

I can't fight any longer.

I thought... as I smiled as my last breath escaped my body.

I will be fine... as long as...

I'm with Her.

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