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potatoesarefab 【aesthetic 花 】
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Heeeeyyy! Who missed me? No one? Okay *cries*.

I've been out for months, I'm sorry. School schedule has been hectic. Still at third year high school, mind you. So much deadlines to catch up, works to pass, and the like. I'm pretty sure ya'll get me.

Anyways, hope this one's good!


It's true. What people say about dreams? It's true. That they are better than reality.

In my dreams, everything is well... tangible. No boundaries. Nothing. In my dreams; I can feel, hear, touch, see, and be with you again. In my dreams, time stand frozen. We talk as if you never left. As though you are still alive.

No heartbreaks, only a mended heart to tend. Sometimes, I end up wishing that my dreams will turn into my reality. I constantly wish not to wake up and just stay there. With you. Only you. How I wish that it were easy to switch dreams into reality.

Am I being selfish? Is this called being selfish?

I don't want to wake up. I want to stay asleep. Because when I do, reality sinks in. Reality will hit me hard. Reality will crush my dreams. All the hurt I intend to keep away, comes back. And I have to endure and face the fact that you are no longer here. And that you will never come back. I have to keep living my life without you around me.

I have to face the fact that you are no longer around to pester me. That you are no longer around to make me smile. That you are no longer around to make me feel loved.

I don't want to wake up. Ever. Did I say that already? I don't. I really don't. I don't want to face reality.

Because when I do, I see another person instead of you...

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