Beth’s New School (Part 1)
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“What do you mean you’re transferring me?!” Beth said as her mother finished washing the dishes. Her mother sat down a bowl, a survivor from last night’s beans ‘n’ weenies, and turned to her daughter. “Beth, hun, you can’t place the blame at my feet, it was the Guidence Counsellor’s idea.

Beth’s New School (Part 1)

“What do you mean you’re transferring me?!” Beth said as her mother finished washing the dishes.

Her mother sat down a bowl, a survivor from last night’s beans ‘n’ weenies, and turned to her daughter. “Beth, hun, you can’t place the blame at my feet, it was the Guidence Counsellor’s idea.

She thought that given your...special talent, you should be moved to an institute where you can learn to put that talent to good use. Especially after your little “outburst” last week.

” Beth’s mother said.

Back in her room, Beth sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the wall, milling over her thoughts.

It had taken her years to finally be accepted as normal by her peers, and now she was going to have to uproot and leave all that behind,

just because she taught a boy a well-deserved lesson about not grabbing at her skirt. Beth fell back on her bed and felt herself drifting off to sleep.

A sleep that was cut too short as she heard a knock on her door. Getting up to open the door Beth saw her mother, she was holding a package. “It’s your new uniform, Beth.

I thought you should go ahead and try it on, we go for your orientation in the morning, or rather you do, at least.” She said as she handed Beth the box. Beth took the box with reluctance.

“Seriously, I have to wear a uniform? What is this, boarding school?” Beth said with more than a little annoyance. “Eh, something like that.

” Her mother said before heading down the hall and down the staircase.

Beth placed the box on her bed and, using a knife, proceeded to open it. Inside was a pair of slipper-like shoes, a shirt and a pair of pants.

The pants and shirt were deep navy blue with a gold trim, and the top right of the shirt was embossed with an emblem, a stylized eye pierced by an flaming arrow.

Beth did not recognize it as belonging to any school she had heard of.

After undressing, Beth put on the uniform and was surprised how light it was, and was thankful that it didn’t exaggerate her figure-8 shaped body.

Beth had been tired of catcalls and grabby hands at school. Putting her hair in two short tails, Beth walked over to her mirror to get a good look at herself.

At 18 Beth was already 5”4’ with a tad bit of her childhood chubbiness still lingering. After making sure her uniform fit, she put it back in the box and proceeded to head downstairs for supper.

“Mom, where exactly is this school at anyways?” Beth asked between mouthfuls of fried chicken. “And what’s with the uniform, I felt like I was in PJs, nice fitting PJs, but still PJs.

” Beth’s mother tactfully avoided directly answering her daughter’s question. Beth decided not to push the question further. She finished up her chicken and headed off to bed.

Plopping down onto her bed, it didn’t take very long for her to fall asleep.

“Beth! Wake up, it’s time to go!” Beth heard her mother yell for her downstairs.

Groggily getting out of bed she absent-mindedly put on her uniform, putting her hair up in two short tails and headed downstairs.

After a quick breakfast Beth and her mother got into the car and her mother drove them across town, past her old school, the town mall and the park.

After a while they reached the edge of town and drove up to an old hospital. “What gives mom, I thought you were taking me to school, not this old dump.” Beth said.

“This “dump”, Beth, is your new school.” Her mother said as she started to get out of the car. Beth followed her out as they approached the main doors to the hospital. “Beth...

” Her mother started to say. “I want you to know that I love you, no matter what.

” Beth started to feel a knot of anxiety grow in her stomach as they reached the main doors, her mother knocked on the door.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Beth said, but before her mother could answer her the door opened slightly. Inside beth could see nothing but darkness.

“Are you Beth McNeil?” A voice asked from out of the darkness. “Y-yes, I am.” Beth replied. “Good, come with me, we have much to discuss.” The voice said, as if in a hurry.

Beth looked over at her mother, as if waiting for her approval. “Go on hun, I will see when it’s over.” She said. Beth looked back at the door and took an apprehensive step towards it.

Opening the door she could still only make out darkness, but once her eyes adjusted she could see that she was in a lobby,

dust and cobwebs caked every surface and the ground was littered with dead leaves. Beth suddenly heard the door slam behind her, and she let out a yelp of surprise.

At the end of the lobby a heavy metal door creaked open and out walked a figure in a black cloak that obscured any of their features.

“You will have to excuse the theatrics, but we need a way to deter urban explorers from stumbling onto something they shouldn’t.

” The figure said, as it folded back its cloak to reveal...nothing! Beth was certainly confused, but part of her was a little annoyed. “Ok, what kind of stupid prank is this?” She asked aloud.

“It’s no prank, Beth.” The figure said, despite not having any visible mouth. “Your right it’s not, that’s the worst ghost costume I have ever seen.” Beth said with a tint of snark.

“I’m not a ghost, I assure you.” The figure said. “Well then, your the chattiest robe I’ve ever met.” Beth replied.

“Blast it child, would you let me explain?” The figure said with an air of annoyance.

Beth couldn’t believe this was happening, here she was in an old hospital, striking up a conversation with a piece of clothing. It was almost laughable.

“So let me get this straight, your not a talking robe, your just invisible?” Beth was seriously starting to get tired of this prank, a person being invisible?


The figure had gestured for her to sit down on an old beach as it sat next to her and explained that “she” had been the result of an attempt to make a person translucent,

“the ultimate camouflage” She she had put it. But there had been many complications, and while the result was in a sense successful, after all she was invisible.

However, being fully translucent meant that she was vulnerable to ultraviolet light and was forced to stay indoors as a result,

she was also blind due to not having any pigments in her eyes to catch light. “Ok, but how? How the heck are this way?” Beth asked, still trying to process everything.

“Beth, you need to understand that you will be seeing many things today that you will not quite be able to get a grip on yet, but trust me when I say that all of it will make sense in time.

Now come on, we have much to do.” The figure said.

She lead Beth through the metal door she first emerged out of and they passed through a concrete tunnel and arrived at a door marked with the same emblem that was on Beth’s uniform.

“Hey loo-“ Beth started to say before catching herself. “Oh, uh sorry...” Beth could feel that invisible face give a look of slight annoyance. “Anyways, it’s the same symbol.” Beth said.

“Yes, it’s the mark of the project that created me, and, in fact, created you too.” The figure said...

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