My Love for you
My Love for you sad love stories

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The cover of "The diary of a girl", is a poem regarding her journey of love. Her experience of First love to heartbreak. She fell in love with him in the first meeting, She wanted to embrace the love, She wanted a future, She started dreaming, She gave her all, She stands tall. Day after day she realized, he did not love her as much as she thought, he did several mistakes, yet she accepted all her flaws. when there was no one with him, she held her hands, and now what she got, she wrote it as a poem.

My Love for you

You came into my life,

like autumn leaves,

you left me like that,

when I was in need.

You lied day by day,

that you loved me a lot,

Now did I know,

that you actually did not.

I was a time for you to pass,

Yet you make me believe what love was.

you make me dream of day and night,

but when I actually asked you to fight,

you denied.

you showed me the reason, I was the pain,

you never loved, nothing you gained.

yet I was a fool believing you,

sacrifice all I had into you,

you stand there and looked like the haze,

you told me, all this was a waste.

It was you, always was you,

and always will be,

but you make me realized,

past all these years,

was nothing meant to be.

So once I am gone,

you must know,

there was this girl,

who loved you,

with all she had, never lied,

she gave her heart,

she tried to fight.

Yet you left her hands,

to let her all alone.

you will understand,

once I am gone.

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