The Calm Before the Storm
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The Calm Before the Storm

by popgoes

A roll of thunder rattles the earth

And leaves an echo in the car. It bounces off the windows, filling the once filled space between our hearts

The glass in the Windows fill with condensation

From our quiet breath, rain splatters mercilessly on the car leaving a mark showing how it was once there but had slid off

All was calm and quiet

I Tell you to turn the defroster on to get the fog off the Windows but you dismiss my thoughts, saying that it's quiter talk

Now we're spinning out of control faster than I ever thought

I close my eyes, hearing only skidding tires from harshly pressed brakes... And your screams.

I try to think back

To water droplets putting me at ease and the only scary thing being lighting illuminating the sky, showing us every corner of the dark

Now the darkness consumes

There is nothing left to do but open my eyes yet I can't, Because that's the part you had of me And now it's dead

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This is another powerful allegory. You surely did an excellent job using the symbolism of cold and rain in a car to the cold that sometimes comes into relationships. Thism is marvilouslly matched to the graphics. I almost forgot that it is over 100 degrees outside.