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pollywelkins I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.
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Sometimes, you get inspired by the simplest of things. Books, flowers, light. And sometimes the lack of creativity.


Sometimes, you get inspired by the simplest of things.

Books. Flowers. Food. Light.

This was the result of a complete lack of creativity. Enjoy!

It is really sad And I've never felt so bad

That as sit down to write Something utterly witty, humorous and bright, Nothing comes into my mind - There's absolutely nothing I can find!

I've no thoughts of any kind, My feelings, they're all intertwined! My mind's as dry and stale as rind.

My inspiration has run dry There's nothing left for me to try I can't help but oh, cry!

Perhaps there's soomething new, Something that I can try to do,

Something that I can write about, Apart from maybe parachutes and trout! Should I shout? Maybe I should wail out loud Or maybe wear a thick, black shroud?

Either way, it has gotten rather infuriating, To not be able to write anything.

It's this poem - I wrote it without ever realizing, How my creativity's returned to me, It's not as difficult as I thought it'd be!

Oh my! Oh my! It's nothing! Goodbye!

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