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pollywelkins I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.
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A second poem often resembles the first. Often when you're running out of ideas. This is certainly an example.


Dear Creativity,

Do come back to me

I've been waiting for you for quite a while, I've even forgotten just how to rhyme!

You left about a week ago,

You left about a week ago, Breaking my heart, And absolutely destroying my literary flow -

I used to write so well before, I had new ideas all the time, knocking right on my door!

But right now, I've got nothing

But right now, I've got nothing I must say, it's been rather disgusting

My mind has become completely blank It's even emptier than an empty water tank!

Faeries, elves, vampires, trolls Demons, wolves and tormented souls Once featured in my nightly scrolls

But now they're all history - They're all inside plot holes! I've even stayed up a night or two I'm afraid to try anything new!

I dearly miss the good ol' times, When it was just us - you and I

We used to go on such intrepid adventures, Nobody could ever stop us on our ventures! We've been through tough times, through thick and thin, I do so pine for your mischevious grin!

Now I think of you, and pray, all day, all night Will you ever understand my plight?

Did we, unknowingly, get into a fight? Without you, my future won't ever be as bright,

That is why, today, to you I write This earnest request, a pleading appeal A true expression of what I really feel

Come anytime, you still have the keys,

Come anytime, you still have the keys, Do come back to me, please!

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