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pointlesspain Teen with feelings
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Depression anorexia

Hey grown me

Hey I know I am just a teen rn. But I learned a lot already, if you forgot about out life at that moment. Well it’s not going that well... I hope I am still alive btw.

I hope I don’t lose grip to our depression. I hope I found someone to keep me safe from all the bad stuff in the world like health issues, and all the spiders ofc.

I hope I have a house and a nice job too. If it’s a yes. Well than I didn’t let school fall that’s good at least.

And if we are homeless well I am so sorry for being so stubborn, I should have just go to school even if I am feeling like a zombie all the time. Life still sucks probably.

But it’s okey, we will stay strong and make our life great. Well we can try. So how are you doing now? Well I won’t know it until I read this again... but it’s okey. And how is our mom.

Ugh I have soo many questions. But well I will leave for now, because I need to eat. At least that’s what the doctor told me. So hope you will get some food now too.

And try to forget about our past. Gl girl!! You go <3

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