A restraining order
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A restraining order There is no chance of crossing any border

A restraining order

A restraining order

There is no chance of crossing any border

Misunderstood with her through the years

She won't exist to evaporate any fears

She won't be here to witness or dry any tears

A restraining order

For every beautiful meaningful emotion

For every spontaneous impulsive notion

I'm kept chained as a child then a man with no motion

A restraining order

A wake up call from a friend

I hate to call her a friend

Denoting that it's the inevitable end

I don't know how, when there is a broken heart to mend

But I will use my pain as a fuel for salvation

Persistence is the way of reincarnation

Consistency is my key for a trustable everlasting relation

Kindness balances the understanding equation

Ohh beautiful lifetime patience with care

Will life ever treat you fair

Will your lungs be filled with refreshing air

Getting rid of all the kept despair

My secret and essence are fully unveiled to her

I'm totally exposed but I don't care

Wondring how my image in her beholding eye

Is it good or it was merely a doubtful try

A restraining order

When silence is reinforced as a must

When withdrawing is the thing to thrust

When rules are accumulated in a blinding crust

When fire is turned off by dust

When endurance is all I have got

Misunderstanding love with cheap lust

Alas! But it seems like a must

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