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The first moments before battle

Opening Exchange

The murmur of the crowd all around you

You sit in silence, alone with your thoughts.

ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“ Can you do this? ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“ ā“

It won't be long now until it's...


The murmur turns into a deafening roar.

Nerves and confidence course through you

You can do this.

It won't be long now, there's a call for


Your rival stands opposite,

He wants to beat you, to punish you,

This is your arena,

You wait a few more seconds until


You cast the first blow but he's quick and he sends a blow back, Straining every sinew, you turn defence into attack, Your muscles are burning, but your determined not to crack, Then you see an opportunity, And with one final thwack...


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