Unfading ignorance

     Unfading ignorance corona virus stories

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A display of what is going on everywhere around the world. I hope you like it. A collab between me and @dearpoetri. Credits to Alex (@dearpoetri ) for her digital art.

Unfading ignorance

A collaboration for the current issue the world is facing By: @poeticworld & @dearpoetri

The ignorance was supposed to be tamed Who is really the one we should blame?

The government, the people, or all of us? We weren’t prepared enough so we failed to adjust. @dearpoetri

We held those tears of hope, While ignoring those fears was enough,

From rejoiced faces, i see those faded ones, Wasn't that enough? Let them live a life not lose it! @poeticworld

A message from Us to you all- Stay safe, and don't get afraid of it, together let's fight the virus and hopefully soon, we'll find a cure! #Stay safe #Stay home

You can also show the positivity in quarantine and spread goodness on here, by posting something special in these hard times. It can be anything, But don't forget to tag us there.

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