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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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This poem is dedicated to all of those who have helped me be happy. Of course, one person in particular.


Words pilfer me

I am alone

But now the sun has shone

Little boy with nothing to know

Looks at me

Lets me come home

Dyed black hair

And a dorky smile

I have only known you for a little while

You hold me close

Saying that we're friends

That I am a ghost

Of white vinegar

That I just assume people hate me

When they don't

You hold me in the sun

Not letting me run away

Away into the dark

You are where I want to stay

So many people

Hold me up to the sky

People are my support

People let me fly

Because I want to fly

Fly away for another

Another day

Hold your hands to the sky

The chorus is singing "Why? Why? Why?"

We don't understand

No, we don't

So our hands go up

We all give up

I fall on the concrete

All alone


The few pick me up

And help me walk it off

We dance in the sunshine

No one's holding me back

But I don't go

Into the shadow

I know

It's my life

So hold my hand

You help me understand

Why things are the way they are

Thank you

For saving my life

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