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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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I wrote a poem on th education system. Because I got an F and I freaked out. yay.


I found myself crying

Barely breathing

Having a panic attack

Over a math grade

A grade I could easily erase

Easily retake

But, society has it drilled in my head

That this makes me stupid

That a math grade judges my intellengence

I'm stupid for getting one F

That can go away

Yet here I am, having a panic attack.

Over a foolish math grade

Over the possibilty of getting yelled at

The world is messed up

My head is messed up

Because of a stupid math grade

School comprises over fifty percent of my stress

Of my depression

Isn't that stupid?

That's. Not. Okay.

It's not just me!

It's other students too

I'm not saying "safe spaces"

I'm not saying "my college proffessor expects me to do work. Boohoo."

I'm in highschool

And the grading is too stressful

A's all the time or nothing at all

B's maybe

But, C's are unaccceptable

Goodness no

And all the freaking tests

Everyday we test

After waking up at ungodly hours in the morning.

Getting home only to do a mile high stack of homework

I'm a kid

Yet school is my life

And they expect me to be smart

Let me be dumb

Because right now

Smart feels unhealthy

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