A Poem on How Certain People Affect my Depression
A Poem on How Certain People Affect my Depression anxiety stories

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I couldn't give this one a better title. Please read it.

A Poem on How Certain People Affect my Depression

Jack G.

You were so amazing

You said you liked me

I don't know why you said that

And then

You told people I was annoying

You told people I followed you around

It may seem like a joke

Or like no big deal

But it BROKE me

I always constantly freak out

And think no one is my friend

All because of what you did

I don't care if it was a joke

It broke me in half

It tore me apart

Don't do that again


You were so shy

So nice

But not to me

You called me an idiot

Multiple times

You made me feel stupid

And inferior

And utterly terrible

You said normal things about me were abnormal

You told me you liked me just fine

And the next day I was garbage

You talked about me behind my back

Sure, some of it was "just a joke" and "caused no harm"

I was just being dramatic

Or maybe you shouldn't have been an asshole

You were mean and cruel

Don't do that again.


You helped me through a lot of this


You stopped liking me

You stopped wanting me around

And you lied to me

For six months

You're just like all the other liars

Telling me that I'm nothing

That we shouldn't be around each other

But, you only tell that to other people

And not me

You shouldn't do that

That's not nice

Or kind

Lying only causes more hurt in the end

Because it leaves me a chance

To wonder what was fake

Don't do that again.


You shouldn't be in this poem

You are the kindest person

You are so nice

To everyone

Even me

But, you liked Lauren more than me

You never admitted it

You never thought it

But, you proved it

I was having a bad night

And I went on one of my rants

Where I accused you of hating me

Instead of helping

You told me that if I didn't believe that you liked me

We couldn't be friends

That hurt

And then you tallked about me to her

You shared by dramatic wording that was a mistake

I'm not that dramatic

And noow she thinks I'm even more insane

Gee thanks

Don't do that again.

To all of you

The lesson we must learn from this is simple

Don't be an asshole

And it doesn't matter if it doesn't seem like a big deal

You don't know another person's story

So please

Be kind

I don't want to live

I don't want other people to die

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