Damsel stories

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what self discovery actually is


by poeticeyes

Once upon a time, there was a damsel, a damsel who believed in love more than anything, She believed in the fairy tales she was told, She believed in happy endings and prosperous souls

Her life was epitome of faith, Until she believed someone she shouldn't have craved,

She trusted and trusted more until she didn't break, She broke under the burden of her own believes inside her own created mythological caves

She became a damsel who was dying from distress, She kept waiting for a knight to arise but he never came, She lost her trust, she lost her believes, But she never stopped fighting her demons,

She got hurt, her heart bled But she didn't give up on rescuing herself

She fought until she didn't overpower her demons, She became her own knight

Now there is a damsel who believes in herself A damsel who knows who knows that she would never need a knight to rescue herself ever again.

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