Our love Part #8 *Discontinued*
Our love Part #8 *Discontinued* love stories

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If you enjoyed this story, please read the update/summary for the ending and an explanation for why the story is discontinued :)

Our love Part #8 *Discontinued*

It was near the end of summer, and we haven’t talked in almost two months. I felt like someone ripped my heart completely out and stomped on it. Some days I went over to Destiny and Jeremy’s house and walked around town, trying to forget about Gavin. But most of my time was spent in my room, crying and asking myself one question: Was it my fault?

For days on end, I would just lay in bed, mindlessly scrolling through social media and listening to sad songs, almost never getting up. It was honestly the worst two months of my life. I never told anybody but Destiny about it, only because I didn’t want anyone worrying about me.

I was terrified that he found somebody new and totally forgot about me, that I was no longer a thought in his mind. I tried moving on multiple times, but every time I did, all I could think about was him. I even went back to a miserable relationship, which was only temporary. But thankfully, that soon changed.

I was a pretty normal day for me; I got up (for once), got dressed, laid in bed, and mindlessly scrolled through social media. Out of nowhere, Destiny texted me telling me she wanted to hang out. So I put my shoes on and headed over. I got inside the house and headed straight for Destiny’s room, but first, I decided to stop by Jeremy's to greet him.

I walked into his room, which was a mess as usual, and instead of the usual “Hey,” I was greeted by the words “Gavin’s coming over tomorrow.” “Tell me your lying.” “I’m not.” “Please tell me your lying.” “I’m serious, look.”

He then proceeded to show me the conversation he and Gavin had, which was about him coming over. I was surprised and confused once again. He had so much time to come around, but why now? Did he not know I was staying with my grandfather? These and many other questions swarmed through my mind at that very moment.

I rushed into Destiny’s room and closed the door behind me. “Did you know Gavin’s coming over tomorrow?” I asked her, extremely out of breath. “Yeah, why?”, she asked, most likely noticing my shortness of breath and furrowing her eyebrows.

“I’m not ready to see him again.” “What do you mean?” “I’m not ready to see him again, Des.” “Why not?” “I’m terrified that I’ll mess up and say something dumb.” “You won’t.” “How can you be so sure?” “Just don’t worry about it too much, okay?” “Okay.”

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