Our Love Part #7
Our Love Part #7 love stories

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The seventh installment of "Our Love"
Warning : It gets a bit sad in this and then in next few parts :)

Our Love Part #7

The first two months of our relationship were amazing, we would see each other every weekend and have an amazing time just relaxing and talking about life. But as time went on, we barely saw each other then eventually, never. I was heartbroken and confused.

Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? Did I push him away? Was I not good enough for him? These were the thoughts that ran through my head on a daily basis. Eventually, I got a phone. It was nothing special, just a simple Android. I got his phone number and texted him right away and after a few minutes, he responded.

We did not text as much as I hoped, but it was better than nothing. Weeks went by, and we still never saw each other and we texted close to never. So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.

It was the weekend before my fourteenth birthday, and I was sitting on Seth’s couch. I took a deep breath and I texted Gavin. “We need to talk” “Yeah” “Do you still love me?” “Yes” “I feel like you never try and see me anymore...”

I only read the end of the whole paragraph he sent back, but it was enough to make me burst up from the couch, run outside, and fall to my knees and cry. Seth came outside after me. “What's wrong?” he asked. I picked up the phone and asked him to read the text. After he did, I started crying even more. Where did I go wrong? How could this happen; he just said he loved me!

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